Quick Tip Tuesday: Possession vs. Ownership



This may be controversial in some circles but I feel this is a really important part of online lead management. If you are familiar at all with the online sales program — and lets face it, if you weren’t you wouldn’t be here — then you know that an online sales counselors job is to set appointments for the site agents inn the model homes.

But I’ve realized over the years that there are some miss conceptions and outright miss communications. For instance, the OSC is judged by a set of metrics which include appointment conversions and OSC sales to overall sales. If that’s something they are going to be judged on that means they should have every right, and intention to check in with the site managers to see how things are going. They maintain some possession of that lead and have a vested interest in whether that lead converts to a sale.

There are times when an OSC can help the agents after the appointment and it’s a win-win for everyone. The builder, the sales agent, and the OSC. So why wouldn’t you want to let your OSC have a sense of ownership – even once the possession passes on to the site managers?  Watch my video for more tips.