"I Sell Houses, I Do Not Sell Attention."

Okay did that get your attention? Recently I was reading through my twitter feed and a real estate professional had this written in their feed lamenting the fact that they lost a sale because someone said their follow-up was poor.

As an Online Sales Consultant, and Lead Gypsy (CEO) of my new business, Blue Gypsy, Inc. a lead management service for builders and real estate professionals, I can tell you that attention is exactly what prospects need! People don’t just walk in the door and buy a home anymore. If you think they do, then you really aren’t aware of all the research buyers do upfront. Over 80% of people are beginning their home searches online. They are shopping through elimination. That’s right. They are going to eliminate you for any number of reasons. One of which may very well be a slow response time…or no response! And this goes for builders and resale agents alike.

You may have the best home in the world for someone but if they hate the customer service, you may find yourself out of luck. I thought it was interesting that the agent realized that she “Lost one sale” because she didn’t follow-up quickly enough. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s lost many sales because of this problem. It just happens that one person bothered to tell her she lost their business due to lack of attention.

This agent also said in her next tweet, “I never understood follow-up just to follow-up. Maybe losing a sale will now make me understand it.” In reality it’s more than understanding, it’s having a plan, and having a certain nature which makes you follow up. As Mike Lyon of Do You Convert has taught me, most agents are hunters. They are concerned with the prospect walking through the door, the one that will close with in 30-60 days. But Online Sales Consultants (me, the Lead Gypsy of Blue Gypsy, Inc.) are farmers.

We understand the concept of follow-up, of watering and nurturing a lead through until they are ready to buy a home. We build a strong bond of trust, and with the extended buying cycle, this is what keeps a prospect interested and engaged. When that buyer is finally ready to purchase they are going to buy from the agent, the builder, the people who kept them most engaged, cared about their needs, and stuck with them through their decision making process.

Selling houses is selling attention. And the closer attention you pay, the more likely it will payoff.