We Are All on The Same Team

Marketing, sales, and online sales are all on the same team. We need to put that into practice, especially when it’s easy to slip into a scarcity mindset.

Recently I heard two different stories that inspired this blog post. One was of someone at leadership level disparaging OSCs and what they do…because numbers are down. The other was of salespeople disparaging OSCs and what they are doing…because numbers are down!

In the first case, I don’t have access to current numbers, but in general if this sentiment is coming from the top, it’s not conducive to a productive sales environment.  As a leader if you are feeling this way you need to check yourself and ask why you feel this way. You need to understand you have the potential to poison the well that the entire company drinks from.

You either don’t believe in the program, or you don’t believe in your people. Either way you need some coaching and training of your own, and or some coaching and training for your team which includes leadership on downward.

The first story can create the second story at times. If you are experiencing the second story and you are hearing your agents complain, then as a leader you need to nip that attitude in the bud. Otherwise, you may allow bad attitudes to further erode your sales.

As a leader in your organization there are four important things you need to know in order to support your OSC program.

  • You need to understand what your OSCs are doing from day-to-day.
  • You need to understand that they want to make sales just as much as leadership wants sales, and just as much as agents want sales.
  • You need to recognize that attitude comes from the top down, if you are putting out a bad vibe, that is going to resonate through the entire company.
  • You need to not just look at the metrics, but you need to UNDERSTAND the metrics and what the causes and effects are that dictate those numbers.

In some upcoming blog posts I will further explore these four important points and dig deeper. But for now, take a temperature check, not just of yourself, but your entire leadership team, your OSCs, and your sales agents along with your marketing department. I highly recommend a 360 degree evaluation to see where you can improve. If you’d like to talk more about what we look at when we do a 360 Evaluation feel free to grab a free consultation on my calendar.