Hootsuite: Whooo I mean Boooo

Hootsuite say it ain’t so! I signed in this morning to get some work done and you’ve changed. And not for the better in my opinion.

I don’t have the time this morning to explore your changes, but I do have to say as someone who uses you as a tool you have made yourself less user friendly. I am a busy girl and besides just working for builders trying to make them sales, planning Blue Gypsy Bluesfest to benefit Habitat for Humanity and Natchel’ Blues Network, I also manage the social media for a large national brand. I like things to be as stream lined as possible in my day. I don’t have time to get on every hour and retweet things. When I have the chance I site down skim through my various streams and schedule retweets and make comments on those retweets….but now? Do I really have to copy and paste someone’s tweet to be able to do that?

Before on Hootsuite I could hit retweet, make my comment (Shorten their long comment if need be) and schedule it to go out. But this morning. Something changed. Now RT’s just give me the option to Retweet yes? And if you hit no, there is no other option. You can’t modify, add your comment be thoughtful and you can’t schedule them throughout the day. Bad owl.

One of the reasons I went to Hootsuite was for this ease of use. Now you are taking it away from me and I really don’t have time to research if there is a work around. When I have 25 things to do in the span of a morning, I really don’t want my tools changing on me like that. There should be options to use classic version or some such thing.

I don’t need a stream of my RT’s I can see that. I don’t need a stream of other people’s RT’s they show up when I’m monitoring my brand anyway. When I already have 10 tabs with 10 columns each on different topics I’m monitoring for work this is not a helpful change. I don’t want to add more columns to see what is happening in RT land.

Get it together Hootsuite. Or explain to me easily in 140 characters or less how to get back my ease of use when retweeting.

Okay that’s my rant, off to get some work done. But if you are reading this and you know the solutions to my dilemma please let me know!