The Power of Abundance – Blue Gypsy Inc’s 5 Pillars for Helping Homebuilders

Inspiration from Teri KarjalaIt’s interesting. I just had a conversation with someone in the home building industry and as always the topic of abundance came up. (Because I bring it up because it’s so important to me!)

I am a STRONG believer in the powerful mindset of abundance. And yet, when I look at the 5 pillars on my website that support Blue Gypsy Inc., Abundance is nowhere to be found.

But Wait! It is!

It’s actually the underlying principle of everything we do for the new home building industry, for our clients, and when we train online sales counselors. Maybe that means abundance deserves to be on the home page for the company, or… maybe it’s better to expand upon here. Where I can ramble and talk and hope that you understand me better and why the pillars I do list all pay homage back to abundance.

I am a strong believer in energy, and that the more we believe we are all here to create something great in the world and in our industry, the more we will attract like minded people to create and grow an interconnected community of experts that add more for our clients and create more.

Even today as I was discussing sharing positive energy with a new friend in the industry, she happened to say something to the effect of I needed your energy today and I’m sorry to take it… I was like wait, what? Don’t be sorry to utilize my energy to lift you up? You aren’t taking it! I’m giving it!

The sailor in me likened it to being in the doldrums for a while and not realizing you aren’t making forward momentum, but when a puff of wind comes along, adjust your sails and ride it! Let it move you forward. Let it fill your sails. You don’t need to apologize to the wind for using it. You utilize the energy being sent your way. You should never feel you need to apologize to someone who helps lift your energy and increase your momentum. No apologies needed. Together we rise.

That’s what I love about the transfer of energy and the thought process of abundance. When we hang out with like minded people we are always generating energy to help push each other along like the wind filling our sails. (Ha at first I wrote sales…but it’s true that the energy we put out there fills our sales as well!)

My business coach Teri has these little wooden coins she gives her new clients.   They have sayings on them that have become mantras for me. (And the ultimate great energy item to fidget with all day long on calls.) They help me help other people. So many of them are about creating abundance and letting the energy flow.

If you look more deeply at my pillars, just quick sound bites on the homepage of my website you can see where the abundance comes from:

Direct – We take a no nonsense approach to create your lead capture and conversion. <– In the box.

Originally that pillar said that we take a direct and genuine approach to improve your lead capture and conversion. This  tactic allows us to create a strong foundation and collaborate on an effective online sales program that is beneficial to your sales team and your customers.

One thing you will always get from Blue Gypsy Inc., whether you like it or not is an honest, genuine, direct approach to creating the best possible online sales program. This is true abundance. Knowing that the ultimate goal of our company is here to create more for you and perfect your process.

We don’t beat around the bush and hope you will like us. We know you will like us in the end, but sometimes we have to look at some hard truths about why things aren’t working or what needs to happen moving forward to increase success.

Direct Approach to Increased Success = Abundance.

Passion – Our passion for your online sales training program brings you creative solutions <– In the box.

The full Pillar means that our passion for your online sales training program brings you innovation, energized engagement, and creative solutions, as we help you strive to be your very best.

Ultimately our passion for online sales and for your business is what keeps us from continually approaching every builder as the same. While there may be similar principals in what we do. Our passion for the industry as a whole creates a commitment to help your company grow. You become a well oiled online sales program where our passion ignites a passion in your company and among the OSCs and agents alike for the power of progress.

Passion Igniting Power of Progress  = Abundance.

Focus – As a boutique training company, we focus on your business, your needs, and your new program. <– In the box.

This pillar means that as a boutique training company, we can focus on your business, your needs, and your new or current program. Our goal is to create lasting lessons that will impact your customer relationships, keep your online sales fresh, and increase your bottom line.

We know your pain points are different and by looking at your particular area, niche, and strengths as well as areas for improvement we bring our very best, so that you can do your very best.

Focusing on Bringing the Very Best = Abundance

Empower – We empower your online sales counselors to throw out the cookie-cutter and create authentic engagement. <– In the box.

This pillar is all about how empowering your online sales counselors is important to us. We don’t want to provide cookie-cutter solutions. Each program should reflect your individual qualities and company culture while authentically engaging your buyers.

Empowering your OSCs to continue to be creative, to constantly re-access the needs of the buyers and diversify their approaches keeps things from getting stale and boring, and keeps your OSCs from burning out.

What worked 10 years ago doesn’t work today. If you’ve created a set it and forget it program that is not constantly evolving, you aren’t likely to get everything out of the idea of an online sales counselor and the power of that position as you can be. It’s important to Empower Your OSC to continually push their goals, grow, and change.

Empowering new goals, growth and change = Abundance

Integrity – Doing the right thing for our customers to the best of our abilities is our ultimate goal. <– In the box.

The idea behind this pillar is not only that we are always doing the right thing for our customers to the best of our abilities, but we also pride ourselves on transferring that idea of doing the right thing to all our trainees as they embark on becoming the best they can be and shoring up the sales and marketing team.

Your OSC is utilizing skills and abilities at every turn to set the best most qualified appointments. This is not about throwing anything against the wall and making sure it sticks, but to be setting the right kinds of appointments that are successful for everyone. It’s also not to create unrelistic expectations for appointments but to bring in alignment sales, marketing and online sales.

Integrity of the process allows us to align marketing, sales and online sales = Abundance